Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New things! :)

1) I am organizing new swaps!

* New Postage Stamp ATC swaps on Swap-bot! Click the country to go to the swap:

*My Pet ATC #2 on Swap-bot

*New to Altered Bottlecaps swap on Swap-bot

2) I've made some now ATCs!

I've made this ATC for the Altered picture ATC swap with a twist. So I received the main picture of the girl from my swap partner and I had to work around it :) I loved doing this since it made me think a bit more 'out of my comfort-zone'.

This one I've made for the generic profile ATC swap. My swap partner liked witches so, altought halloween is still far away, I've made her a witch ATC :)

My zentangle T for the zentangle T ATC swap :)

3) I've received a lot of things including ATCs!

Violets for the violets ATC swap - by RiittaR

Postage stamp ATC swap AUSTRALIA - by Creativememe123

Continent ATC #2 asia - by ShortyRedds

Never stop to surprise yourself - by Husum
I received this ATC for a European blind PIF swap on ATCsforAll. I would also like to thank Husum for letting me know that I've made a mistake in this post before! Sorry again!

4.) I've made some altered bottle caps for myselve with some personal pictures in it. As soon as I have enough of them I will incorporate then in a necklace or bracelet :)

 Happy Swapping and have a nice day!



  1. Oh I love your ATCs!! They are so diverse and unique and soooo creative too!

    1. -SE
      Follow me!! Swap from Swap-Bot

  2. I absolutely love the altered photo swap. I need to start doing more ATCs these are amazing.
    -swap-bot : )

    1. ATCs are nice things to make :) Since they are so small you don't spend to long on making one. Very useful for people with busy lives! ;-)

  3. Your altered bottle caps are so creative, (I've never seen that before) Is that you and your boyfriend in the one to the right? You make such a cute couple. :)
    CookieCrumble (swap-bot)

    1. Yes thats us :) Thanks for 'likeing' them :)

  4. Oh! the 'never stop to surprise yourself' looks so amazing! ^^, Never made ATC's, is it hard?

    hugs, Dollythe ( wap-bop)

    1. Yes I also really love that ATC. I must say: I didn't make it myselve so all credit goes to my swap partner: Husum

  5. I just made my firsts altered bottle cap a few months ago and loved it. But I used mine for magnets. Yours are very creative.

    ~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

    1. I sometimes make magnets too :) It depends on my mood I suppose haha :)