Friday, February 24, 2012

A changed blog, more ATCs, ABCs and amigurumi

Background1OH! Finally I‘ve found some time to change my blog settings into what I really wanted. I ‘m happy with the result! The background now consists of one of my pictures – a pile of ribbons.

I’ve also found some time write something about myself and incorporate it into my blog and website page-tabs (See above) or –click here- for a direct link.
The picture which I’ve used for this page was taken in Paris a few years ago. It was my first holiday ever with my boyfriend. He gave it to me as a present :-) We had so much fun!

So now: To the point :-)! ATCs, ABCs and Amigurumi!
*New ATCs I’ve made:
Cleo and Sally (my gerbils) for the My pet ATC swap #2


This is supposed to be Plankton from Spongebob

A green octopus :-)

That’s it for now!
Thanks for reading – thanks for swapping!

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