Saturday, January 21, 2012

I  have made a new ATC today! It's my ATC for the 'My Pet ATC - swap' on Swap-Bot.

I decided to make an ATC of my dog, Stella. You can see her on the picture on the left ;-) and the right one is my ATC.

In addition I've already received a few other ATC pictures and  the ATCs from my partner! I will post the pictures on the swap page on my website once the send deadline has finished. :)

;-) *to be continued*


  1. She is too cute! And I love the background choice of your ATC!


  2. I looooove it! Wow it's amazing resemblance. Any time I try to draw my dog, he becomes a ball...with eyes. :P

    Follow me!! Swap from Swap-Bot

  3. You drew this?!?!?! Its amazing! Share some of your artistic ability my way please! :):):)

    SB follow me

  4. What a cute dog! I want to hug her <3 Also the ATC you made is very nice. I want to make ATC's too but I'm not very good at that...
    Good luck.

    ~disturbia000 swap-bot.

  5. He, nog een Belgske op swap-bot! Ik deed ook mee aan deze my pet ATC swap. Ik heb er plezier in, ik ontdekte swap-bot toevallig via postcrossing. In plaats van veel te lezen ben ik nu elke avond iets aan het maken voor deze site. Het is zelfs zo ver gekomen dat ik ben beginnen haken.

    Ik blijf je volgen (emmel from 'follow me swap)

  6. Wow you did an amazing job with Stella. I do not have a talent for drawing. It's really wonderful.

    ~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)