Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Postcard Wall Project

~ The Postcard Wall Project ~ 

✩ Postcards from all over the world and one Wall to decorate! ✩

One of my long term projects is to make a real Postcard Wall. I am collecting postcards from all over the world! Postcards suitable for my wall are the ones with represent the place they were sent from. I still have a lot of cards to collect! 

Below is a map of which locations I have collected so far! From now on you will be able to follow my progress on the 'Postcard Wall Project' page (see pages on to of this page) where this map will always be available.

View Postcard Wall Project in a larger map

On the Postcard Wall Project page you can also find a picture of the postcards - ordered by country.

Happy Swapping!


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