Sunday, October 7, 2012

I share with you some amazing Blogs :)

Today I would like to share 2 nice blogs with you!

Blog number 1: Smadronia's Adventures

This blog is really nice to read. As the title says, post cover a broad range of subjects. I find it really fun to read the posts as it is written really reader-friendly. Recent posts cover Smadronia's adventures on Swap-bot and what sounds like a really nice Anniversary vacation in Seattle. Oh... BTW: you can also find an onion garlic cheese bread recipe on the website.

Blog number 2: Be your hero and save yourself

This blog is completely different from the one above, but equally fun to read :) The recently covered topics are Swap-Bot, Instagram, a Dotee Doll swap and Rainbow tears (really amazing these tears!).

Keep up the good blogging work Girls! :-)

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