Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween - Make your own pumpkin lantern!

★ Halloween ★

 ✩DIY - How to make a scary pumpkin lantern ✩


Step 1 ❦ Find yourself a nice pumpkin. Its best to give the pumpkin a rinse before starting.

Step 2 ❦ Get your tools ready. Use a sharp knife and a small spoon.

Step 3 ❦ Make an opening in the top of the pumpkin. You can choose - either you can make a round opening or you can make a star shaped opening (just like I did).

Step 4 ❦ empty the pumpkin. Get all the seeds out and cut out an extra layer of the pumpkin (keep it for a nice pumpkin soup!)

Step 5 ❦ Draw a face on the pumpkin. Use erasable ink.

Step 6 ❦ Start cutting out the face with a small sharp knife.

Step 7 ❦ You can create different light intensities and highlight in the face by cutting off some of the top skin layer of the pumpkin. For example, cut of the skin layer of some teeth and the internal eyes.
 You can also add extra features such as a scary scar! 

Step 8 ❦ Clean off the marker. Wait until its dark - OR - if you cant wait to see the result (just like me), find yourself a dark room. Put a candle in the pumpkin and enjoy!


  1. Awesome tutorial!!! I've never made the Halloween pumpkin.Maybe I'll try next year. :)