Sunday, March 25, 2012

BIG update–ATCs, Amigurumi, Crochet and Mail Art


Finally, an update!

I’ve made several ATCs for several swaps! I did a few personal swaps on ATCsforALL (BLIND PIF swaps – european and international). I must say, it is a really nice concept! You just ask the person who lost posted on the forum for their ATC and you offer the next person one of your own ATC! The nice thing is that you just claim as many ATCs based on the amount of ATCs you are able to send at that time. So, no overkill!

I’ve also made some postage stamp ATCs for my postage stamp ATC swaps on swap-bot and the swap homepage has also been updated with a lot more ATCs made by people joining the swap. Have a look:

POSTAGE STAMP ATCs - swap homepage

I am also continuing the zentangle alphabet series ATCs on swap-bot.

Enjoy! =)

Scan 1 




This is a 10x10 square and I’ve used a nice tutorial (by crochet geek) for making it:


I’ve also made a smaller purple version of my amigurumi octopus. You can actually use it as a key hanger :)


Finally I’ve made an envelope for the ‘I love mail art’ swap on swapbot:


Happy swapping!


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  1. O wauw, wat ben je weer heerlijk bezig geweest!! Mooi allemaal! Jij kan precies wel supergoed haken enzo hé! Die collage-stijl in je enveloppen vind ik trouwens ook helemaal super, mooi mooi mooi :D