Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new ATCs and new toys!

Yesterday I bought some equipment for doing heat  embossing! I bought the heater, the glue-stamp  pad and 4 powders! I I already had a  go!

This is the ATC I've made for my Postage Stamp ATC Swap on Swap-Bot which I am currently hosting. YOU CAN STILL JOIN THE SWAP :) the signup deadline is 28 january 2012. It is supposed to be a series of ATC swaps, namely: postage stamp ATCs - you create a postage stamp for the country on that swap. This is the first one and it is 'Australia'.

In the  past few days I have also received a few ATCs from different swaps.

This is the ATC I received for the 'handdrawn ATC swap' on swapbot. The artist is 'Tonie2Weeks'.

This ATC was for the 'Where in the world are you ATC swap on Swap-Bot. The artist is 'Barsook'.

This ATC was for the zentangle R ATC swap and the artist is 'PDXYogini'.

Happy Swapping!


  1. Jennifer, you did a nice job on your ATC and you got some cute ones sent to you. I've been out of town so I can't do crafty ones right now, but hope to again next month.
    BTW, you might like to know that you can remove that word verification gadget. You would get more people commenting if you didn't have it. I removed mine years ago and have had no problems. Just something to think about.


  2. It'd be so cool if stamps were 3d like yours. I love it. You also did a great job on the building drawing. Heat embossing! Wow you're getting serious haha. I wish I had time to be as creative as you. Stupid school papers. I love your ATCS!