Thursday, January 12, 2012

My first post is a fact! :)

Welcome on Jenny's swap-blog!

I have decided to move the actual blog-part to a separate website: Jenny's Swap-Blog. Although the weebly website is very good - thank you weebly - i don't really like to blogs. Lets try e-blogger! :) Thank you! :) You can still find my ATCs on and also the swaps which I am hosting and the outcomes of swaps in which I have participated!

To make my first post a bit more complete some news on my ATC/swap progress. Tuesday i've sent off my ATCs for the handdrawn ATC swap on swap-bot and also for the DAYDWP ATC swap. Respectively, these are the cards which I have sent:

The two left ones were for the DAYDWP ATC swap and the right one for the handdrawn/ painted ATC swap. All swaps were on on swap-bot. Yesterday I've also posted my R zentangle ATC and my ATC for the QUICK random ATC swap. You can see them below:

So, the left one is the zentangle R and the right one is my vintage frenchie one. 

I hope my partners will be happy!

Have to go! 

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